American Hartford Gold Review (2024) – Legit or Scam?

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The worst secret of successful and influential men and women in society is improving their finances. Maintaining constant wealth through investments is a way of retaining their relevance.

To this effect, they venture into acquiring precious metals from American Hartford Gold.

American Hartford Gold is situated in the second most populated state in the United States of America (California, Los Angeles). It is a cooperative body owned and managed by a family.

The company was enacted to assist individuals or groups of people in investing their earnings into precious metals such as Gold, Silver, Platinum, etc. These investments can be either in coins or bars. They meet their client's desires by either delivering the precious metals to residential settlements or keeping them in a retirement deposit of IRA, TSP, or 401K.


  • Maximum security on investments.
  • Quality supply of gold and silver.
  • Fair pricing.
  • Real-time information as they build-up
  • A+ rated business cooperation.


  • Unavailable online price catalog

American Hartford Gold Rating

American Hartford Gold has amazing reviews from happy customers. However, they lack in their range of products offered. If you are only looking for gold or silver coins, you'll be more than happy. If you're after bars or other precious metals, you'll be disappointed. Check out the website below to find out more!

Overall Rating: 
3.5/5 stars

Products Offered

Customer Support


American Hartford Gold Group

A+ by the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

4.9/5 Consumer Affairs Rating

5 Star Trust Link Rating

What Is The American Hartford Gold Group?

The American Hartford Gold is a group of goal-oriented professionals that seek to educate and establish individuals aiming to invest in the precious metal business.

They are a group that is wholly committed to helping their clients get absolute satisfaction with their investments. Ensuring that they are kept up-to-date with all the happenings in the precious metal industry.

They also assure their clients of assisted aid in getting their golds, silver, etc., sold if the need arises. American Hartford Gold group is also an annual sponsor of NASCAR, having an A+ score in the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

The American Hartford Gold group also prides itself in the wealth of experience they have garnered over the years in the precious metals industry. They've made informed, well-detailed, and duly researched decisions concerning the market and made this information available to their investors.

American Hartford Gold Is Owned by Who?

Sanford Mann is the founder and owner of American Hartford Gold and performs the Chief Executive Officer role in the company. As a budding entrepreneur seeking to make an impact, this led to creating a financial institution called American Hartford Gold.

He embodies his belief system from the teaching he got from his father. Based on providing clients with the best deals, he ensures you have all the information about the business before investing with them.

Mr. Sanford is a highly trained professional asset in gold and silver marketing. He has amassed a wealth of experience due to his exceptional and exemplary work principles. Which has seen him rise above his peers following an illustrious career in the gold and silver business.

He obtained his first degree in Economics from Connecticut State University. He then proceeded to one of the busiest cities in the USA, New York City, where several financial firms' services were in high demand. He attained several managerial positions before venturing into entrepreneurship.

He is an ardent believer in treating his clients as family members. He commits to achieving success by spectacularly doing the basic things.

During his spare time, he actively enlists in the service of various non-profits organizations. He is also a member of multiple boards with several firms providing his expertise.

Occupying the CEO position in American Hartford Gold has granted him different responsibilities. Including paving and charting ways, the organization is expected to grow as it progresses in the gold and silver industry. They are harnessing and molding bright talents into becoming high-in-demand experts in the industry and ensuring that clients are always satisfied without any unresolved conflicts.

He resides along with his family in Santa Monica, where he is happily married.

Why Invest in American Hartford Gold Precious Metals

American Hartford Gold is built having features that enhance the claim that depicts it as a top gold and silver company to get in business with and partner alongside. They ensure high communication levels amongst investors and the company, guaranteeing complete updates on its happenings and their stakes.

American Hartford Gold expressly breaks down the step-by-step dealing in the industry. This helps individuals make an informed decision over the knowledge they have provided to them.

They offer a sound background in finance cooperation by dedicating their time and effort to demystify its complexity. They also ensure all gold and silver are not counterfeited and carry the value they possess.

Further, they allow for more affordable price deals on every investment.

American Hartford Gold has established an online outlet where various questions concerning company policies are examined and answered in the frequently asked question segment.

Your Retirement Savings Are Under Attack

Who Is American Hartford Gold Suited For?

The world is constantly evolving, and as such, the value of things may depreciate due to economic instability and other unforeseen situations. However, an investment into the American Hartford Gold cooperation will preserve the value of any finances in gold and silver as they are not affected by economic instabilities.

Individuals from all walks of life can invest in American Hartford Gold. Investing in gold and silver is a means of securing the future of individuals and their coming generations. An investment into American Hartford Gold is a conscious attempt by individuals seeking to live without financial issues during their retirements.

Individuals, firms, corporate bodies, family dynasties can all decide to get ahead of the economic curve. Storing assets in gold and silver bars and coins ensures safety from liquidation and incessant inflation ravaging the economy.

How Does American Hartford Gold Work?

Individuals who intend to commit themselves to an agreement financially must first know what they are investing in and have a basic understanding of what it entails. This process applies to individuals who entrust their finances to American Hartford Gold.

After an individual or a group of people decide to partner with American Hartford Gold, they are encouraged to partner with their finances to aid the purchase of gold or silver metals.

The American Hartford Gold company functions by providing security on every investment made into the cooperation and ensuring the timely delivery of these precious metals to its owners upon their request. They also ensure transparency by eliminating the possibility of stolen funds while exchanging from one party to another.

Furthermore, they follow a strict policy when making gold and silver denominations available to their investors. An iron-clad agreement form protects both the client and American Hartford Gold altogether, ensuring that any form of discrepancy is avoided at all costs.

American Hartford Gold


Products Offered

Gold & Silver Bullion For IRA

Precious Metal Storage

Six locations across USA

Minimum Purchase

$25,000 for IRA. $3,500 for non-IRA.

Fee Structure

$80 One time fee. $180-230 Annual fee. Fees waived for $50,000 purchase.


Free. 5-10 Day Delivery Time


Fully Insured Shipments

Products and Services

Variety is often classified as the spice of life. It will determine an individual's choice concerning a particular condition or event.

To this effect, we would delve into the different offers on display for investors seeking to input their money into the gold and silver market following suggestions presented to them by American Hartford Gold.

  • Gold Bullion
  • Silver Bullion
american hartford gold prices

Gold Bullion (99.9% Purity)

– American Eagle
– American Buffalo

– Canadian Arctic Fox
– Canadian Maple Leaf
– Canadian Buffalo
– South African Krugerrand

– Australian Wildlife

– Austrian Philharmonic
– Gold bars and rounds from approved mints & refiners

american hartford gold minimum investment

Silver Bullion (99.9% Purity)

– American Eagle
– American Buffalo

– Canadian Arctic Fox
– Canadian Maple Leaf
– Canadian Buffalo
– South African Krugerrand

– Australian Wildlife

– Austrian Philharmonic
– Silver bars and rounds from approved mints & refiners

American Eagle Gold Coin – It is the principal coin of American Hartford Gold. It is the most accessible coin to buy and sell in the United States. It is highly valued worldwide due to its liquidation rate and exceptional quality.

American Eagle Silver Coin – An elegant bit of coin that is entirely applicable when trading in the US. It has a high value once obtained as a form of possession.

Canadian Buffalo Gold – It was created in the mid-2000s. It became the pioneer 24-karat gold coin manufactured by the mint firms in the United States. It is a previous coin with a face value of $50.

News and Market Charts – When a solid foundation for information is a priority, it reduces the level of anxiety and uncertainty among individuals. American Hartford Gold provides its esteemed customers with trending news circulating the coin market, ensuring their clients are not left in the dark.

They also display live charts of the value of these coins in the financial market to know their current value.


Keeping assets safe is one of the most delicate aspects of owning properties and commodities as an individual. The level to which individuals protect their assets is proportional to their value on these assets. Individuals who own precious metals will prioritize keeping them safe by ensuring maximum security to prevent loss in their investments.

Some of the more profound ways of securing precious metals include:

Home Safe

Individuals can decide to keep their golds and silvers in their homes safe to ensure they have easy access to these metals and better oversight of them. This home safe will have a specific security system design that the owners of these metals can only access.

Bank Vaults

It is one of the most effective ways of storing and protecting assets. It cannot be easily accessible to other individuals. It requires authorization from the proper owner before it is opened.

Safe House

The amount, volume, and weight of these metal bars or coins will determine if they will be stored in this facility.

Use of Depositories

You can also store golds and silver bars, and coins in depositories that have been scrutinized and approved by the IRS body. These depositories include; Delaware Depository Service Company, International Depository Services, etc. A service charge of $75 or above is paid yearly depending on the quantity and value of metal for storage.

Minimum Purchase

As said earlier, investing in American Hartford Gold will enable individuals to secure their financial future. To this effect, the minimum financial implication for gold and silver purchases is $10,000, while cash purchases are $2,500. This fair price has made it easier for individuals in all walks of life to take the bold steps to invest with them.


American Hartford Gold has made life easier for any investor seeking to make a financial commitment to the gold and silver market by not charging any fee. However, the IRA regulatory body always demands a maintenance fee of $180 per annum.

Fees of first-year investors are always taken care of by American Hartford Gold. There is also a chance for investors to get three years fees taken care of by American Hartford Gold.

They also offer a 5% discount on any metal acquisition worth above $50,000. American Hartford Gold also provides an incentive of $50 to set up a gold IRA account for their investors.

Clients can anticipate a fee waiver for investments of more than $50,000 for the first year. You will also get five percent back in free metals. This deal could be very favorable to you, especially if your investment exceeds the amount stated.

Insurance and Shipping

Shipping gold and silver to any designated location is done for free. Delivery of these metals has always been a success, with a stellar record of satisfaction from every investor. This is because each shipment has a tracker installed to ensure every location is identifiable, thereby preventing any possible hiccups.

An insurance policy is entirely in place to cater to any misfortune or mayhem that may affect these metals during the transition and other situations. Investors are assured of the safety of their assets when they partner with American Hartford Gold.

Survive Biden's Double Digit Inflation

American Hartford Gold Reviews & Complaints

Investors say the process of rolling existing funds into a Goldco account is straightforward to navigate. Still, they have also made a few complaints. Some investors complain of aggressive sales reps that intimidated them into purchases they weren't comfortable with.

American hartford gold complaints
American hartford gold reviews

How To Open A Gold IRA With American Hartford Gold Group

Creating an IRA account is one of the required criteria for anyone seeking to venture into the gold and silver market. This process is made possible by individuals signing up with American Hartford Gold.

Some specific activities are performed before you can create an IRA account. Opening of a gold IRA account follows three easy steps:

Step 1

Open a self-directed IRA.

Step 2

Input capital into the gold IRA account through money transfer or rollover from previous IRA accounts.

Step 3

Acquire gold into the gold IRA account.

Frequently Asked Questions About American Hartford Gold

Is American Hartford Gold Legitimate?

Over the years, American Hartford Gold has constantly and consistently built reputable cooperation worthy of emulation by its peers. They have continuously proven their legitimacy by providing world-class services to their customers, evidently displayed by constant 5-star ratings and A+ rating Better Business Bureau.

Their legitimate claim is also buffered by their security on every investment made into the company.

How To Get In Touch With American Hartford Gold

For anyone seeking to get in touch with us at American Hartford Gold, you can do so by;

Placing a call through on 800-462-0071, Or

Emailing at: [email protected], Or

Visiting their office at 11900 W. Olympic Blvd Suite 750 Los Angeles, CA 90064.

Operation Hours;


6:00 am – 5:00 pm PST

How Does a Precious Metal IRA work?

Precious metal IRA (Investment Retirement Account) are accounts where gold, silver, platinum, etc., are all held on behalf of investors who own an IRA account. It has a similar operation to the IRA but is more concerned with bullion, gold bars, or coins.

Individuals who intend to improve their income will venture into a precious metal IRA, protecting your money from crippling economic instabilities. These precious metals are gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. You can purchase these metals as long as they meet the IRS condition for operation.

What Makes American Hartford Gold The Right Company To Invest With

American Hartford Gold has an amazing number of positive reviews from happy customers. You can't go wrong working with American Hartford Gold to buy precious metals for your personal storage and wealth accumulation or for rolling over a Gold IRA.

Based on my experience, if you want to open a Gold IRA, the best company is Augusta Precious Metals. They have a pristine track record of ZERO complaints since their inception in 2012 and have a non-aggressive sales process as they don't give commissions to their sales team.

You can read my full Augusta Precious Metals review to find out more!

American Hartford Gold Group

A+ by the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

4.9/5 Consumer Affairs Rating

5 Star Trust Link Rating

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