Augusta Precious Metals Review (2024) – Legit or Scam?

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If you are also of the opinion that gold and other precious metals IRA is another way of saving for retirement, you most likely have come across Augusta Precious Metals. They are my #1 gold IRA company for the reasons in this review.

Investing in gold for IRA is not just a call of prudence; it also indicates experience. There is a paradigm shift. Individuals are now turning to gold to lessen the associated risks. Also, when they need to invest in less risky assets, be it silver or gold bullion, Augusta Precious Metals is their first choice. Aside from gold and silver investments, Augusta assists you with shipping and storage.


  • 0 complaints with the BBB/BCA since its inception in 2012
  • Endorsed by hall of fame quarterback Joe Montana who asked to be the companies ambassador.
  • From 2022, no-commission salesfloor meaning no high pressure sales tactics or gimmicks.
  • On-staff Harvard-trained economist and educational team providing support to customers.
  • Lifetime account support that goes beyond your first purchase.
  • No management fees.
  • 100% gold and silver specialization.


  • High minimum investment for $50,000.
  • No online ordering service is available.

Augusta Precious Metals Rating

Founded over 40 years ago with zero complaints to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Business Consumer Alliance (BCA), Augusta Precious Metals offers unrivaled customer support specializing 100% in gold and silver IRAs. Not to mention Joe Montana asked to be an ambassador for this company.

Overall Rating: 
5/5 stars

Products Offered

Customer Support


Augusta Precious Metals

A+ BBB Customer Rating

4.9/5 Consumer Affairs Rating

AAA Business Consumer Alliance Rating

5/5 Trust Link Rating

Who Is Augusta Precious Metals?

Augusta Precious Metals, founded almost 40 years ago by the Nuriani family, has stood the test of time in this unusual business. They have been involved majorly in the sale and purchase of companies frequently. This is enough evidence of flawlessness, discreetness, professionalism, and excellent delivery.

The company has had an unmatchable record of zero complaints on the BBB and the BCA since 2012. They were also voted the most trusted gold IRA to attest to this fact. Augusta Precious is a team of highly experienced gold and silver traders focused on helping you protect your savings through a personalized buying and selling process and impeccable attention to detail.

Finally, Augusta has stood out and can proudly boast of high ratings and reviews in the gold investment niche, more than any other.

Why Invest With Augusta Precious Metals?

In an industry where a high level of personal communication and working together on a mutually beneficial basis are crucial factors, the company stands out as an effective investment vehicle. They offer gold and silver IRAs as tax-advantaged investments.

Augusta Precious Metals communicates freely through its free gold investment guide section. They explicitly uncover and help you understand the steps you are about to take and how your investment progresses.

Also, Augusta Precious Metals has made it an operating norm to assign you an expert in the field of finance. This expert helps you monitor your investments and analyze technical and financial situations. By working closely with this personal account manager, you will get top-notch information about pricing, shipping, and selecting investment opportunities.

From the first encounter with Augusta Precious Metals products on the website, you will immediately notice that education is the brand's priority.

The website has a FAQ section where you would find answers to almost any question concerning buying, handling, shipping, and even liquidation. It also has a market news section.

This section contains an update on all prices and other information in the space of precious metals investment. This is Augusta Precious Metals' subtle means of enabling transparency and enhancing accountable investments for their users.

Ultimately, the features above are indicators of a trustworthy and reliably efficient company. Of course, you don't expect less from a company that has been that long in the game, do you? In this case, perfect records and complaint-free transactions are pertinent, and Augusta Precious Metals has it.

Who is Augusta Precious Metals For?

The Augusta Precious Metals' key vision and mission is:

To help individuals build, oversee their wealth, and attain wealth stability.

These goals are primarily created to cater to the demands of individuals saving for retirement. They are committed to helping Americans protect their savings against inflation and economical inconsistencies.

Augusta Precious Metals believes you can achieve this by making the process easy and personalizing the purchase of gold and silver. Retired individuals that have benefitted from them include Joe Montana, among others.

Montana retired from football with a priority to ensure his financial security and that of his family. His partnership with Augusta Precious Metals team of experts has proved to be a wise decision.

It is difficult to predict what the economy will do. While some expect that the stock market will continue to blossom, some feel the US dollar will weaken. 

Augusta Precious Metals is for those who want to become less vulnerable to inflation and stand tall above a disrupted economy associated with volatile times like the recent pandemic proved to be.

How Augusta Precious Metals Works

Augusta Precious Metals exhibit professionalism in all aspects of business. How about a quick examination of how the process works?

Augusta Precious Metals


Products Offered

Premium Gold & Silver, Gold & Silver Bullion For IRA

Precious Metal Storage

Multiple Locations Across Canada & USA

Minimum Purchase


Fee Structure

Annual $80 Custodial Fee & $100 Storage Fee. One Time $50 Application Fee. 5% Markup On Premium Gold & Silver (Covers Unparalleled Service You Will Receive)


Free. 5-10 Day Delivery Time


Fully Insured Shipments

Products and Services

Time to take a look into the breakdown of the core value proposition. What are the products and services they primarily offer?

  • Premium Gold
  • Premium Silver
  • Gold Bullion
  • Silver Bullion
Is Augusta Precious Metals Legit

Gold Bullion (99.9% Purity)

– American Eagle Coins (Bullion & Proof)
– American Buffalo
– Canadian Maple Leaf
– Austrian Philharmonic
– South African Krugerrand
– Gold bars and rounds from approved mints & refiners

Augusta Precious Metals IRA

Silver Bullion (99.9% Purity)

– American Eagle (Bullion and Proof)
– Canadian Maple Leaf
– Austrian Philharmonic
– America The Beautiful (5oz)
– Canadian Silver 5 Blessings
– Silver bars and rounds from approved mints & refiners

Augusta Precious Metals Gold IRA

Premium Gold

– Australian Striped Marlin
– Royal Mint Gold Dog Of The Year
– The Rose Crown Guinea
– Great Britain 1/4oz Gold Year Of The Rooster
– Royal Canadian Mint Gold Eagle

– British Gold Standard
– Great Britain 1/4oz Gold Year Of The Monkey
– Canadian Gold Polar Bear and Club
– Certified American Eagle & Buffalo & Many More

Augusta Precious Metals Pros and Cons

Premium Silver

– Royal Canadian Mint Soaring & Silver Eagle

– Canadian Silver White Falcon

– Canada Silver Polar and Bear Club

– Canadian Silver Arctic Fox

– John F. Kennedy Half Dollar
– Ben Franklin Dollar & Many More

Gold IRA

The Gold IRA is the primary product of Augusta Precious Metals. It is a self-directed option of investment that gives you the opportunity of asset control. With this investment option, you are exempted from task payment and the effects of economic fluctuations. You get to save your asset in the form of physical gold in designated security vaults.

Silver IRA

The silver IRA works the same way as the gold. The difference, in this case, lies only in the type of metal you’d be investing in.

Gold and Silver Cash Accounts

This service is entirely outside the framework of the investment retirement accounts. Augusta Precious Metals allows individuals to buy and store coins as the coin value increases. The length of storage time is dependent on the owner.

The Multi-Team Support Service

This is the core uniqueness of Augusta Precious Metals. The structure allows you to have a team of experts. These experts will expose you to relevant market information about gold and silver assets. Further, you'll be supported through the opening process to consequent IRA-related transactions with Augusta Precious Metals.

Storage Services

The company has a well-thought-out storage service. These vaults are secure with limited access to anyone aside from the investor.

Custodian Services

The Augusta Precious metals company has custodians that are excellent communicators. With these custodians, you are sure to get expert management of your IRA. They are also always willing to help you through the paperwork process.

Minimum Purchase

Now that you understand the core services associated with this company let's dive right into the purchase information. The minimum amount you can invest with Augusta Precious Metals is $50,000. Compared to other IRAs, this is on the high side. However, the services, the safety, and the insurance are definitely worth the price of investing.


Augusta's service fees are quite friendly, considering the sum of investments involved. Also, the payment structure is clear enough for everyone to understand.

One Time Application Fee: $50

Annual Custodial Maintenance Fee: $80

Annual Storage Fee: $100

Gold & Silver Purchase Fee: 5%

Non-IRAs have a $100 annual fee, which does not come with any storage fee if you store your gold or silver at home.

Since the experts from the team only do as much as give financial advice, you do not need to pay any fee for management. The prices mentioned are 100% transparent with no hidden charges.       

Insurance and Shipping

For each shipping order you make with Augusta Precious Metals, you get your assets discreetly packaged and delivered to you for free. Up until now, they have never lost a package in transit. However, Augusta Precious Metals has shipping insurance for contingency that allows you a total refund of the purchase price if your package gets lost.

Also, damages and defects to your assets would be addressed immediately and covered by the insurance policy. Augusta has a culture of promptly attending to orders, and you have absolutely nothing to worry about in utmost secrecy.

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Augusta Precious Metals Reviews

“If you are looking to invest in precious metals to secure your future, it's best to partner with a reputable company like Augusta Precious Metals.”

Augusta Precious Metals is a household name that is reputable for building long-term success in the industry using the support of every single customer it has represented or partnered with as a yardstick.

I mean, if a company has been in the game for four decades and has a 'zero-complaint record' and the highest number of customer reviews on every online platform, the overwhelming queue of clients is only a norm.

Thousands of customers are a part of Augusta Precious Metals and love their services. The company has maintained a top-notch reputation over the years with its honesty, no frauds or gimmicks, legal policies, and integrity.

They have not failed in their uncountable attempts to leave these clients satisfied beyond their expectations. Several reviews commending Augusta's great prices, products, service, communication, representation, and mentorship that have made retirement living less of a worry are strewn all over the internet. Check these out!

Augusta Precious Metals Reviews
Augusta Precious Metals Complaints

How To Open An Augusta Precious Metals Gold IRA

By putting your future in the hands of a Gold IRA, you will diversify your retirement portfolio, and you will still maintain the tax preferential treatment for retirees. Simply put, if you transfer or rollover a portion of your existing IRA account into a Gold IRA, it will not spur any tax implications.

You will open this Gold IRA account with Augusta Precious Metals in three easy steps. You will be allocated an experienced representative whose job is to assist gold IRA customers with selecting the appropriate options for their retirement account.

Step 1

Opening a gold IRA starts with creating an IRA under the guidance of a custodian recommended by Augusta Precious Metals.

Step 2

Fund the account with a gold IRA rollover or a transfer from a bank account.

Step 3

Buy fine gold to secure it in your IRA or purchase a preselected option to make the process a breeze.

Frequently Asked Questions About Augusta Precious Metals

Is Augusta Precious Metals Legit?


  • An A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB),
  • A Triple-A rating from the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA),
  • A proven Gold or Silver IRA account that protects its owners against a volatile stock market,
  • IRS-approved storage facilities across numerous parts of the country, and
  • Assured security of shipped orders in well discreet packs,

Augusta Precious Metals is a brand that puts its customers first and offers exceptional support and customer service. Augusta Precious Metals is family-owned, and it has remained so throughout its four decades of due diligence and industry.

Their stoic and unwavering determination to stick to the tenets of personable services has shaped the company. I believe they have answered whether it is a scam or a legit enterprise a long time ago.

When you begin investing in precious metals or set up a gold or silver IRA, you should undoubtedly consider Augusta Precious Metals. It is my top gold IRA company recommendation.

How Long Does It Take To Receive My Precious Metals?

One of the highlighting features of the Augusta Precious Metals is express delivery. Once the order is confirmed, your Precious Metals will be delivered to you within 7 to 10 working days.

How Will My Gold Be Stored?

Augusta Precious Metals provides and works closely with numerous highly secured, non-governmental, and fully insured storage facilities or depositories across the country.

How Can I Check My Augusta Precious Metals Gold IRA Performance?

The company will send you quarterly account statements to review your IRA investment performance, but you can also check the performance of your precious metals IRA online.

Can I Sell My Gold After Investment?

If you choose to sell at some point after the liquidation, you must hire the service of an expert. The price of gold is determined by fluctuations in the supply and demand scope of the commodity market.

Gold is still available in accessible forms such as gold bars and jewelry. So, the price of gold is mainly affected by changes in demand instead of supply.

Are Precious Metals Still A Good Investment?

There are several compelling reasons you will want to consider adding gold, silver, or other precious metals to your investment portfolio. Some of the reasons, but not limited to, for investing in precious metals include:

  • It is an inflation hedge.
  • Precious metals prices tend to rise at or above the inflation rate.
  • You can quickly sell precious metals and convert them to cash because of its purchasing power
  • It is not correlated to stocks.
  • It is accepted as an alternative form of currency.

Do I Need To pay Any Management Fees For My Augusta Precious Metals IRA Account?

You will be managing your gold IRA yourself. That means you will not pay management fees for the account. If you would ever be charged at all, it would be the custodial and storage fees related to precious metal IRAs.

How Long Does The Augusta Precious Metals IRA Purchasing Process Take?

It takes five to ten working days, depending on the quality of the method used to transfer funds.

Can I Get Rich Buying Gold?

Do not be fooled. You should not expect to get rich by purchasing gold. Even though gold has historically increased, most buyers acquire gold and silver to use it as a diversifier in their portfolio. Values of precious metals like gold have risen when other assets suffer decreasing value.

However, they should be held for a long time to gain this diversifying effect. Just look at your precious metals as an asset with intrinsic value. Unlike fiat currency,  precious metals like gold and silver have never been worth zero.

What Makes Augusta Precious Metals The Right Company To Invest With

When you are looking for reliable precious metals to invest in, gold is one of the best investments you can make. But for many new investors, it is usually not a question of what to invest in that burdens their minds.

It is who to trust with their investment among the companies in the marketplace.

Investing with Augusta Precious Metals does not only afford your trust; it provides adequate representation and mentorship that guides you through the process of what to invest in and how to invest wisely.

The company offers a complete service whether you are interested in investing in silver or gold bullion, coins or gold. Along with this opportunity, Augusta Precious Metals provides a secured facility to store your precious metals.

Augusta Precious Metals

A+ BBB Customer Rating

4.9/5 Consumer Affairs Rating

AAA Business Consumer Alliance Rating

5/5 Trust Link Rating

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