Money Metals Exchange Review (2024) – Legit Or Scam?

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Suppose you desire to invest in precious metals such as gold, silver, palladium, etc. In that case, Money Metal Exchange is a great choice to choose. According to Investopedia, Money Metals Exchange was named the number one precious metal dealer in the United States.

The Money metal exchange (MME) company is a trusted dealer of gold, silver, and other precious metals specializing in switching your paper currency into physical assets less volatile than stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs. Below, we shall review why MME is the most trusted gold dealer to invest with, and in the end, I’ll provide answers to all frequently asked questions about MME.

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  • Storage options: It offers a depository account where customers can ship their orders directly after purchase.
  • Live pricing: Money Metals Exchange offers a real-time update of prices.
  • Pre-made portfolios: As a beginner investor in bullion and other precious metals, the company offers a pre-packaged silver, gold, and multi-gram portfolio.
  • News and Resources: On their website, Money Metals Exchange gives access to historical prices of precious metals and sets customized price alerts.


  • Payment of Transaction fee: If you make payment with your credit card or PayPal, you will require an additional four percent fee.
  • Payment Method Restriction: Depending on the payment method, there is a limit to the maximum and minimum amount you can pay. E.g., the purchase limit using credit or debit card or PayPal is $1500
  • Limited Support: Money Metals Exchange sales representatives are only available on weekdays.

Money Metals Exchange Rating

As the fastest growing dealer in America, Money Metals Exchange helps customers convert their paper money into silver and gold bullion bars and coins. Money Metals Exchange are one of the leading American gold dealers with a strong concentration upon "sound-money" education as well as an extensive online store.

Overall Rating: 
3/5 stars

Products Offered

Customer Support


Money Metals Exchange

4.28/5 BBB Customer Rating

2.7/5 Trustpilot Rating

Who is Money Metal Exchange?

Money Metal Exchange is a dealer of bullion metals that helps investors and other customers to buy, sell or own precious metals. It offers a platform to own gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and other investment-grade metal as physical assets in a haven where it is kept and insured.

The company delivers a highly competitive price of bullions, a wide range of products to select, a low shipping fee, and an excellent customer experience. These attributes place the company ahead of other gold dealers.

Money metal exchange also offers an online platform ( where investors can access their bullion and buy bullion assets using various means of payment, including credit or debit cards, electronic fund transfer, PayPal, and cryptocurrencies (Bitcoins and others), etc.

Why Invest in Precious Metal from Money Metals Exchange?

As well known, investing in gold, silver, and other precious metals is an excellent means of diversifying your portfolio and having a hedge over the volatility of the stock market and the devaluation of paper currency that may occur due to a stock market crash or political upheaval. Therefore, investing in these precious metals with a reliable dealer is essential.

Money Metals Exchange, a customer-centric organization that offers a highly competitive price of metals, personalized service with a scheme pathway for new and beginner investors to invest in precious metals, is a great organization to invest with if considering a precious metal investment.

The company presents an online platform where customers/investors can navigate to shop for bullions and coins in categories and weight. In addition, it offers an automatic saving plan starting from $100 per month and a pre-made portfolio for beginners to acquaint themselves with gold investment.

Also, Money Metals Exchange locks in your price for 10 minutes to allow you to input your personal information and your desired payment method for purchase. Furthermore, the company offers a free shipping scheme for all orders above $500 with a three-day return policy. A five percent restocking fee may apply on all orders from a credit card.

Consequently, as a metal dealer, the money metals exchange offers a buyback option that proves to be the highest among its competitors. The metals purchased and shipped are fully insured by Lloyd’s of London with a Class 3 vault for storage. Money Metals Exchange provides top-notch customer service via phone calls, live chats, or emails during business hours.

Money metals give price alerts for investors waiting for their price update to buy or sell.

Who Is Suited for Money Metals Exchange?

Money Metals Exchange is suited for beginners and experienced precious metals investors. This company gives an avenue to anyone who wishes to invest in precious metals or wants to hold the value of their paper currency.

How Does Money Metals Exchange Work?

Noble Gold


Products Offered

Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium

Precious Metal Storage

Money Metals depository building

Minimum Purchase

1 g of Gold

Fee Structure

Dependent on precious metals total value


Free. 5-10 Day Delivery Time


Fully Insured Shipments

The exchange works basically on the principle of buying and selling precious metals. Below are the procedures involved in the buying and selling process.

Buying Process

Using the online platform to purchase precious metals is fast, safe, and easy. To purchase, visit the official website and click on the ‘Buy Silver’ or ‘Buy Gold’ or ‘Monthly Gold & silver Savings Plan’ tab on the website’s menu to access all products available for purchase.

Choose the item you want to purchase and click the ‘Add to Cart button’ for the product.

Note: To ensure simplicity, the platform allows you to purchase one item at a time, but if you wish to purchase more products, repeat the above process as many times as needed.

Once you’ve added the selected products to the cart and edited (if necessary), click the ‘Check Out’ button at the top right corner of the screen. Money Metal exchange holds the product’s price for ten minutes indicated by the timer on the upper right corner of the purchase interface. Input your full names, mail address, payment information, and shipping address to complete the check-out process.

 You will receive a confirmatory email to validate your Money Metal Exchange order. After the order’s confirmation, you can expect your order within 1-5 days, depending on your storage location.

Selling Process

To sell your precious physical assets such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium to Money Metal Exchange, endure you follow the following steps:

  • Call the exchange company during business hours on 800-1865 to get a buyback price from the representatives
  • If you agree with the price, lock the cost by confirming your order
  • Check your mail to access the purchase order and follow the shipping instruction to send your order over to Money Metals Exchange.
  • After careful inspection of the shipment based on weight and purity, Money Metal Exchange will send your payment.

Note: Ensure the product you offer for sale conforms with the company’s buyback guidelines, which include:

  • The product’s weight and purity should be on rounds and bars.
  • The manufacturer’s name should be on the bars.
  • The metal must look appealing, uniform in size, neat, and saleable.

Products Offered

Money Metals Exchange holds an impressive collection of precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, and copper) for customers/investors to invest. It also gives new investors and beginners an excellent metal collection as its starter kit. The starters kit is a silver-only portfolio containing four ounces (Oz) of fine silver with a current value of $144.49.

The Silver starter kit contains:

Products Offered

Money Metals Exchange holds an impressive collection of precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, and copper) for customers/investors to invest. It also gives new investors and beginners an excellent metal collection as its starter kit. The starters kit is a silver-only portfolio containing four ounces (Oz) of fine silver with a current value of $144.49.

The Silver starter kit contains:

(1) American Silver Eagle 1 oz coin

(1) Canadian Silver Maple Leaf 1 oz coin

(1) Walking Liberty 1 oz round

(1) Walking Liberty 1/2 oz round

(5) Walking Liberty 1/10 oz rounds 

The starter’s kit product content is established on the knowledge that the metals included are one of the widely traded bullions. They have a ‘low bid/ask spread value’ that makes them suitable for trade by barter in fiat currency devaluation or crisis.

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Palladium

Precious Metal Storage

Money Metals Exchange recommends two ways to store your precious metal:

Firstly, you may store the precious metals in your home in a hidden and secure space where you can easily access them in case of an emergency.

Secondly, you can store your precious metal in a fully secure and insured depository. This exchange company provides this. To do this, open an account with the Money Metals Exchange on its online platform and confirm your order to be shipped to the Money Metals depository building.

The depository boasts a class 3 vault, and all items present are fully insured with Lloyd of London Insurance Policy.

In addition, the company charges an annual storage fee, depending on the value of the metal you are holding with them.

Minimum Purchase

The minimum quantity of gold and other precious metal you can buy as an investor is one gram (0.032 troy ounces for gold).

In addition, the minimum purchase of gold and precious metals differs from one exchange company to another. Your investment budget and dealer's transaction fee will determine your minimum purchase amount.


Precious metals IRAs usually attract one-time account fees and ongoing management fees. Therefore, before signing up, it makes sense to schedule a call with their call representative to get more information about setup fees, annual administrative fees, and storage fees.

Order Value

Shipping Amount

Up to $15,999


$16,000 - $99,999


$100,000- $999,999


$1 million - $2.9 millions


Above $3 millions

Contact Money Metal Exchange directly for fee

Shipping and Insurance

Order Value

Shipping Amount

Up to $149.99


$150 - $499.99




All products purchased and shipped to your depository or stored with Money Metal Depository are fully insured with the Lloyd of London Insurance Policy. Fee inclusion may be possible, as stated in the tables above.

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Money Metals Exchange Reviews and Complaints

There are several feedbacks about Money Metal Exchange but what is available are pretty impressive for a company established 10+ years ago. The company was rated A+ by BBB in 2020.

On review site Yelp, the company has over 960 reviews. Most customers’ reviews show their happiness in dealing with Money Metals Exchange. They express their joy by giving the company a high rating score on Yelp.

Also, in the review section on the company’s official website, there are tons of positive satisfaction comments about the Money Metals Exchange. In addition, customers give satisfactory comments about service representatives as they are described as competent and brilliant. However, most customers complain of the lack of customer service during weekends.

Money Metals Exchange Complaints
Money Metals Exchange Reviews

How to Open a Gold IRA with Money Metal Exchange

Gold IRA is a tax-advantage self-directed IRS approved retirement account that can hold precious metals as physical assets. Money Metals Exchange partners with financial institutions that provide gold IRA accounts to give her investors fantastic options.

Below are steps to open a gold IRA account with Money Metal Exchange:

Step 1

Choose a financial institution to open your self–directed gold IRA with and funded the account. The funding is a tax-free process. You can fund the gold account through a 401k rollover or depositing funds into the account.

Step 2

Visit the Money Metals Exchange to select the precious metal you wish to purchase and lock the price. Input your personal information and the shipping address of your gold IRA account holder’s depository to complete the check-out process of your order.

Step 3

The Money Metals Exchange will send you a confirmation and other forms that you need to sign to validate your order and shipping process. Sign all documents and fax or email the papers back. The financial institution where you own a gold IRA will issue the payment and ship the order to the depository.

Money Metals Exchange partners with any financial institution with a gold IRA plan. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Money Metal Exchange

Is Money Metal Exchange Legit?


Money Metals Exchange is a company founded in 2010 with a customer-centric focus on providing precious metals for investors who wish to hold precious metals. It’s an accredited business with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in 2020.

Where is Money Metal Exchange Located?

Money Metal Exchange has its headquarter located in Eagle, Idaho

How to Contact Money Metal Exchange

You can contact the representative customer service of Money Metal Exchange through:

Phone: You can call them on 800-800-1865 between 7 am to 5:30 pm M.T during weekdays.

Live Chat: You can speak with Money Metals Exchange representatives live on their official website from 8 am to 5 pm M.T on weekdays.

Email: You can fill out an online form with your email and inquire for an email reply.

Which Precious Metal will IRS allow with Gold IRA?

IRS allows the following metals in gold IRA provided they are in IRS-approved state:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Palladium
  • Platinum


Money Metal Exchange is a company that boasts of a great collection of various precious metals for its customers with a pre-made portfolio starter kit for new customers and beginner investors.

However, it has limitations of payment method restriction and transaction fee, which may be included in the check-out process. Also, investors complain of the lack of customer service on weekends.

Therefore, if you are thinking of diversifying your portfolio, I would highly recommend going with the most reputable company in the precious metals space Augusta Precious Metals. You can request your free investors kit below or you can read my full Augusta Precious Metals review.

Augusta Precious Metals

A+ BBB Customer Rating

4.9/5 Consumer Affairs Rating

AAA Business Consumer Alliance Rating

5/5 Trust Link Rating

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