Regal Assets Review (2024) – Scam or Legit?

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Among a host of competitors on the globe today, the only firm that can guarantee the excellent opportunity to expand your revenue by diversifying in coins and precious metals is Regal Assets, even when the world's finance hits rock bottom.

Regal Assets was pulled together in 2009 by prime investor and prodigy of the Forbes Finance Council, Tyler Gallagher. The establishment has witnessed substantial growth in the marketplace ever since.

Some highlights of the pros and cons of working with Regal Assets include:


  • Regular year-long fee system (you pay $250 yearly for management and reposition, regardless of your account size)
  • Multiple privately guarded vault options/locations
  • Incredible customer ratings and reputation 
  • Specialize in Gold IRAs and cryptocurrency IRAs for more diversification


  • Ill-suited for investors with an insufficient sum in their accounts (Minimum amount for packages is $5000)
  • An online valuation list is not available for these valuable metals

Let us quickly have an overview of their incredible success timeline:

  • In 2010, one year after their inception, Regal Assets earned BB's highest attainable A+ rating feature.
  • In 2013, it was rated 20th for financial services in the USA.
  • In 2017, Regal Assets officially added cryptocurrencies to its avalanche of products.
  • In 2019, Regal marked a decade of indelible existence-per-excellence by forming an alliance with legendary watchmaker Frank Muller to produce the first-ever crypto watch on the planet.

The most effective means of wealth preservation is critical planning ahead of time to bring your envisioned future to reality. Your espousal with a wealth management institution such as Regal Assets creates alternative methods and portals that will assist you to actualize that dream for the future and strategize uniquely on what you can make of your financial history.

Individuals with the basic knowledge that gold and other precious metals can secure their future have been looking to acquire them. Central banks across the globe are not left out of the mix. This is due to the assertion that, unlike many other commodities, the value of gold does not fall off. This explains the Gold IRA accounts.

On the other hand, the eventual incorporation of cryptocurrency is linked to the projection of a promising future of digital currency. Not fiat currencies being the primary legal tender in the world's economy as it is evident in its impact on today's market locally and globally.

It does not matter if you are going for a one-year, five-year, or even a lifetime contract. The scope of Regal Assets is to appraise your financial history and deploy the requisite fiscal policies to cater to your needs and guarantee improvement in your finances.

Regal Assets Rating

Regal Assets includes high-quality products, personal service from trained and experienced representatives, and excellent assistance with precious metal and cryptocurrency IRAs. 

Overall Rating: 
4/5 stars

Products Offered

Customer Support


Regal Assets

2.29/5 BBB Customer Rating

AAA Business Consumer Alliance Rating

4.95/5 Trust Link Rating

Who Are Regal Assets?

Regal Assets is a foremost wealth management establishment that initially kicked off over a decade ago because of the need to take massive action to avert the imminent downslide of the ever-delicate financial system. It was created with a vision to reanimate the alternative assets investment landscape with an up-to-the-minute elevation in technology.

It has since evenly affected the proceeding of actions by procuring simplified & safeguarded storage houses. RA is fondly acknowledged in today's market as the first enterprise ever to incorporate cryptocurrency as a component of its retirement account.

On these accounts, the safest establishments to partner with when you decide to diversify your revenue with crypto-commodities and 'golden stones' are Regal Assets.

For over four years, Regal Assets has gotten more of its investors consolidating towards digital currencies exemplified by Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin because of its meticulous crusade of educating and encouraging to invest in digital currencies, which they termed the automated versions of gold and silver.

However, they do not fail to preach that customers should only invest in amounts they could afford to lose. They also advocate seeking advice from a financial representative before investment because cryptocurrency is a dicey venture, and its success is speculative.

Why Invest In Precious Metals From Regal Assets?

It is no longer news that Regal IRA is the world's primal Alternate IRA that makes it possible to invest in both cryptocurrency and precious metals. So, if you intend to spice things up a little bit and invest in both digital and mechanical assets, then Regal IRA is what suits you!

Irrespective of the nature of the investment account, Regal Assets will not charge you a dime for account opening. The only charge incurred in the process is the $250 administration and deposition fee, which is even waived for the first year. The transfer or rollover is entirely free, and the company boasts of the quickest shipping in the industry.

Regal Assets has a fantastic record of accomplishment and a stirring reputation of immense dedication and service that has afforded it recognition, laurels, awards, and accolades on the biggest stages on the planet.

Here is a summary of the incredible record of accomplishment that has granted them the enormous trust of the people and made Regal IRA a mainstay gold investment company.

  • Ranks number one in the gold IRA commerce world.
  • Is a prodigy comrade of the Forbes Finance Council.
  • Is Inc. Magazine's 20th top official company.
  • Has a triple-A rating on BCA.

Born in 1912, BBB is a privately owned, non-profit body whose mission it has clearly defined is to concentrate on advancing the integrity of the marketplace. Their actions are unbiased as they do not liaise with businesses or customers.

They act as a mutually dependable facilitator of trustworthy business actions, discard conflicts, and provide first-hand information to aid customers in making wise buying decisions. BCA, commonly known as Bank Central Asia, is also privately owned. It is regarded as the largest in Indonesian history.

For a company that kicked off its operations in this competitive industry in 2009, being acknowledged by BBB and BCA and other reputable organizations such as Forbes is no small feat.

The outstanding customer service of Regal Assets is observed to have a good hand in the explosive growth of the IRA firm. 99.9% of the over one thousand customer reviews and feedback on TrustLink affirms that their customer service is heights above its peers.

A customer wrote: "They're quick to answer your questions, check in on you, and return your calls and emails." TrustLink is a band of years-experienced legal solicitors who have been acknowledged over the years as a stronghold of an unwavering consumers-businesses relationship.

If the enormous online following of TrustLink, which consists primarily of legal practitioners and their past and present clients, endorse a business, it is usually a big deal. But in this landslide fashion like this? It is simply an unmatchable feat.

Another vital edge that Regal Assets has over its competitors is its strategic relationship with over one hundred of the world's leading accredited vault providers. 

The assurance of maximum security that comes with a fully-insured vault to deposit your precious metals is yet another indication that Regal Assets is great option for your diversified investment.

Who is Regal Assets Suited For?

Regal assets are created for individuals interested in financial security through investments, cryptocurrency, and precious metals. Once you are legally allowed to invest and are interested in cryptocurrency and precious metals, Regal assets' services are for you. For clarity, you can use their services if you belong in any of the categories.

  • You want to invest and secure your investment against market fluctuations, inflations, and the corresponding effects on asset value. In this case, Regal assets allow you to invest in physical metals and float in the market until the market conditions get better.
  • You want to retire and have a safe retirement plan through physical and virtual investments.
  • You are solely interested in physical investment as a person. Regal assets help you navigate this path successfully.

How Do Regal Assets Work?

Regal assets assist individuals in purchasing precious metals (and cryptocurrency) for investment. As a customer, you could either use your assets to invest in an individual retirement account or have them bring (physical) assets for storage at your home. For clarity, let us consider, in full, how the operations work.

Birch Gold


Products Offered

Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium Bullion Products, and Cryptocurrency

Precious Metal Storage

Brink's Global Service

Minimum Purchase


Fee Structure

Yearly $100 administration fee and a $150 fee for precious metals storage. For crypto, transaction fee of 1% with an annual 1% storage fee.


Free. 5-10 Day Delivery Time


Fully Insured Shipments

Products and Services

Regal assets are involved in a gold rollover for most of its operations. Of course, this often attracts a lot of paperwork, which can be risky. However, Regal assets stand to help customers out through its expertise. Over the years, they have partnered with professionals and agencies to facilitate smooth transitioning to IRAs for their clients. 

They do not just offer IRA services; they also facilitate the direct sale of precious metals to customers. So, what are the products like?

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Palladium

Regal assets offer a range of gold/silver/platinum bullion products (coins and bars) for use in IRAs. The most popular examples of these products include:

Regal Assets Gold IRA


– American Eagle Coins
– American Buffalo
– Canadian Maple Leaf
– Austrian Philharmonic
– Golden Chinese Panda

– Gold South African Krugerrand

– Gold Britannia Coin
– Gold bars and rounds from approved mints & refiners

Regal Assets Fees


– American Eagle (Bullion and Proof)
– Canadian Maple Leaf and Twin Maple Leaf (2 oz)
– Austrian Philharmonic
– Australian Koala
– 1 kl. Silver Australian Kookaburra

– Silver Britannia Coin
– Silver bars and rounds from approved mints & refiners

Regal Assets Lawsuit


– American Eagle
– Australian Koala
– Canadian Maple Leaf

Regal Assets Cryptocurrency


– Canadian Maple Leaf
– Palladium bars and rounds from approved mints & refiners

Bitcoin IRA

This product offering sets this company aside from other IRA and investment firms in the industry. Regal assets are in partnership with Coinbase (one of the pioneer decentralized finance companies) and kingdom trust. Instead of the limited number of digital investments available in other IRA firms, you have access to a more extensive range of options with Regal assets. 

You can purchase any cryptocurrency if it is available on Coinbase. Most importantly, you are not limited to either crypto or precious metals. Regal assets allow you to own a diversified investment portfolio against the IRA industry norm.

Self-directed IRA: Customers can choose a funding source, such as transferring an existing IRA or rolling over a 401(k). After that, the customer selects appropriate types of bullion for their gold IRA. Finally, the customer can choose storage options. A Regal Assets representative will help the customer with paperwork and selections.

Precious Metal Storage

For individuals that want IRAs, Regal assets transfer your assets to a repository - a secure storage center approved by the IRS. Regal assets do not store the precious metals themselves. Instead, they hold them with storage companies known for professionalism, discreteness, and security.

The storage companies in partnership with regal assets charge flat storage rates, unlike most IRA companies in the industry. Regardless of the location of the assets, they are stored with the name of the owner. You have access to your assets anytime without bureaucracy and unnecessary paperwork.

Also, Regal assets store your coins separately from the gold, silver, or platinum bars, and Regal assets fully insure them. Individual assets strictly belong to the owners; the company audits and verifies them independently. In summary, Regal assets have a cost-effective and secure storage option, so clients rest assured.

NOTE: Now, the preferred storage firm of Regal assets is Brink's storage services. This firm is reputable for strict access, high-tech security, and confidentiality.

Minimum Purchase

For IRAs, you must have $10,000 for starters, while accounts excluded from tax require a minimum investment worth $5000.


Regal assets charge different fees for different services and packages that they administer. So that you understand, there are packages for protection and storage security. There are also packages (three) for asset purchase, retirement plan, and investment.

Finally, Regal assets charge a fixed amount of $250 for asset storage and account administration regardless of the size of your account. Below is a breakdown of the five Regal asset packages and the corresponding price rate:

Merchant Package 

The merchant package is a gold and silver reserve made for easy liquidation. It costs a sum of $5000 in 2022.

Knighthood Package

The knighthood package costs a sum of $10,000. The principal value proposition, in this case, is family security. It has more gold and silver than the basic merchant package.

Legacy Portfolio 

This is an investment package that contains metals and crypto assets. The package has the immediate potential of churning in profits. It costs a total of $25,000.

Kingship Portfolio 

With this package, you start to enjoy the true essence of Regal assets. It is set up to diversify a client's investment into metals and crypto assets. It is administered in a way that makes clients immune to inflation. Finally, clients can amass short-term gains with this package. The package costs a sum of $50,000.

Dynasty Portfolio 

This is one of the packages for individuals with a long-term investment plan, especially for retirement. The investment plan protects against inflation and economic fluctuations. It is also optimized for periodic returns and low investment risks. The Dynasty portfolio costs $100,000 in total.

Coronation Portfolio

This is the highest and most secure Regal assets package. It was designed primarily for big firms and corporate institutions. In this account, the account is optimized for long-term returns and gradual wealth-building through crypto and physical metal assets. It costs a total of $250,000.

Regal assets firm does not charge any storage or administration fees in your first year investing with them. 

Shipping and Insurance

As mentioned earlier, Regal assets ship assets to the owners when they request it or after purchase (depending on the client's choice). Before shipping, the firm appraises the market value of your assets and ensures they are at the appraised value. Regal assets have a seven-day delivery window and a compensatory product when they do not meet the deadline.

They take full responsibility for your assets until you receive and confirm the order through the shipping window. Finally, Regal Assets assign a trackable shipping number to your order for each order. In the case of large orders (by institutions), Brink storage services provide security.

Visit Regal Assets

Regal Assets Reviews

Regal Assets has an impressive digital footprint and positive reviews from top companies. As of 2022, they had an outstanding 99.9% customer satisfaction rate. However, it hasn't all been smooth sailing with some complaints from unhappy customers.

  • Gold IRA ranked Regal assets as the number 1 precious metal IRAs globally as of 2021.
  • Also, in 2021, they were ranked 20th on the Inc. Mags top 50 investment companies globally.
  • Globally respected financial papers have featured regal assets. Significant examples include Forbes, Market Watch, Yahoo finance, and so on.
  • Based on 57 reviews in 2022, Regal assets is rated as an AAA company on the Business consumer alliance.
  • On Trust link, Regal assets has a 4.95/5 rating from more than 1000 reviews.
  • On the Yellow Pages platform, Regal assets is ranked a 5/5 company based on 12 reviews.
  • More than 50 Facebook consumers rank Regal assets as a 4.2/5 company.
  • On the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Regal assets is rated as an B- company with a 2.29/5 star rating.
  • They have a 4.9/5 rating on Bird eye based on the reviews of 1000 clients.
Regal Assets Reviews

There are plenty of unhappy reviews too:

Regal Assets Complaints

Compare this to my #1 ranked Gold IRA company Augusta Precious Metals who has ZERO complaints since its inception in 2012 shows there is a vast difference in service.

Read: Augusta Precious Metals Review

How to Open a Gold IRA With Regal Assets

With Regal assets, customers can access IRAs through three simple steps.

Step 1

Fill out the online application form and get acquainted with the terms, process, and modus operandi.

Step 2

Transfer funds with the help of professionals into your new IRA.

Step 3

Place an order for the type of precious metals, cryptocurrency, and investment plan that you want.

The other two methods are asset roll over and assets transfer. What do these mean? Asset rollover involves moving funds from employer-offered retirement accounts (401(k)) or public workers' retirement accounts (403(b)) into an individual retirement account.

Individuals often move from tax-advantaged savings to tax-free investment by opening a Gold IRA. With the help of the custodians at Regal assets, you will not be doing any serious paperwork without help.

While filling out the form for inexperienced users, all you need to do is to indicate that you need a rollover. Regal assets would handle the rest from there. With your help, Regal assets professionals make sure clients get paid from your multiple retirement accounts, and they deposit the funds into your IRA.

Regal assets professionals are also available to transfer your assets into a Gold IRA. This is often achieved easier than the asset rollover.

Clients are transferring assets from an old IRA to a new one (that is, from custodian to custodian). Once again, you do not have to worry about any serious stuff; Regal assets help all their clients through the process of transferring assets to Gold IRA.

Frequently Asked Questions About Regal Assets

Over time, curious clients have asked many questions about the integrity of Regal assets' offer and digital reputation in diverse ways. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions and their corresponding answers.

Is Regal Assets a Good Company?

In the financial industry, certain things qualify an excellent company. These things include a good digital footprint, customer friendliness, affordability, customer satisfaction, among other things. Regal assets have all these qualities, and the positive reviews and commendations prove this. Conclusively, Regal assets are not simply good, they are one of the best.

What Does Regal Assets Do?

In simple terms, what Regal Asset does is to help individuals attain financial security through savings, investments, and expert advice. Most importantly, their investment options are not narrow. They are current, futuristic, and safe. With Regal assets, clients always have financial backup regardless of global economic inconsistencies.

How to Contact Regal Assets

Regal assets are reputed for their seamless customer service and feedback collection process. They are always available between 7 am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday. To seek assistance, you should contact them through the following means:


Phone: +1 877 962 1133

Facebook Page:

Their address is 280 South Beverly Drive, 5th Floor, Beverly Hills, CA 90212.

Which Precious Metals Will The IRS Allow In A Gold IRA?

The IRS allows taxpayers to store bullion in self-directed IRAs. This allowance doesn't include precious metal coins or jewelry with a value primarily based on their numismatic, collectible, or artistic value.

The IRS does allow approved types of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium as long as they conform to these rules:

  • The bullion needs to meet purity standards, including a gold purity of 99.5%, silver purity of 99.9%, and platinum or palladium purity of 99.95%.
  • An accredited refiner, assayer, manufacturer, or national mint must certify the purity of rounds, coins, or bars.
  • Only non-proof coins in uncirculated or excellent condition qualify.
  • Proof coins in original packaging with their certificate of authenticity qualify.

Final Thoughts

IRAs are not only secure; they are also relatively easy to use (especially with the help of professionals). Unfortunately, Regal Assets have a recent history of poor customer satisfaction. With the bar set so high by companies like Augusta Precious Metals, you are better off going with highly trusted companies. Especially when dealing with your retirement and large savings accounts.

Below you can get your free investors kit from, in my experience, the best company to handle your precious metal investing and retirement funds.

Augusta Precious Metals

A+ BBB Customer Rating

4.9/5 Consumer Affairs Rating

AAA Business Consumer Alliance Rating

5/5 Trust Link Rating

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